Zum Konzept der Nation…

…ein knackiges, aber auch genauso richtiges Zitat:

[…]Most people take the concept of a nation for granted and suppose that it has existed for a long time. However, according to Anderson (2006), a nation is an imagined political community. The concept of nationhood is similar to that of a nation in that it is not a natural entity, but a social construct. Thus it is problematic because it is not static or monolithic. As soon as a nation is constructed, some will be excluded despite living within the state’s boundaries. Nationhood divides people into ‘us’ and ‘them’ or ‘ourselves’ and ‘others’. The ‘Other’ is in danger because nationhood has been made to be sacred, and therefore the ‘Other’ is seen as an iconoclast. In this sense, nationhood is very similar to a religion that aims to make people believers or conformists without doubt and question. […]
– Poowin Bunyavejchewin


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